David Sylvester ft. King Saturn -
'Young Forever'

Exploring lust, romance, loss and courage, King Saturn tells a tale of finding everlasting love in “Young Forever,” the new club-ready house single written in collaboration with producer David Sylvester. After months of generating buzz through Saturn’s live performances, “Young Forever” is now available to purchase online through iTunes and other major music retailers. 

"This song is about death and sex,” said King Saturn in between rehearsals for his upcoming performances in San Francisco. “The person you love will die someday, and that's okay, because in this moment we shared ourselves. We gave each other unconditional love and that is what lives on forever."

With emotional depth and vulnerability rarely heard in this era of disposable pop, “Young Forever” fearlessly examines the intersection of love and mortality. Instead of rehashing feel-good romantic clichés, King Saturn has created a new, more honest brand of queer love song. It’s destined to be a Pride anthem for the ages. 

"The song was written in a haze of touring and really putting myself out there for my audience, which can be a scary thing,” Saturn continued. “In the midst of all that, I was wanting someone to be real with, hoping their love would rid me of my fears, and my love of theirs."

"Young Forever" is accompanied by an art-house style video vignette from director Kelly Nyland. In stark black and white, King Saturn’s raw vogue performance provides a physical representation of the song’s emotional content. 

David Sylvester’s production captures the melancholy and euphoria of this emotional journey with sweeping synths, soulful keys, and an insistent, cathartic house beat. He spoke about the evolution of the song from his home studio in Portland, OR. 

“About seven years ago, I wrote the basic instrumental that would become “Young Forever,” but I couldn’t figure out how to finish it. When Saturn and I first met up to explore a musical collaboration, I played the old demo and it clicked with him right away. Suddenly, the lyrics were flowing and and the melody crystallized. It’s amazing the potential that collaboration can unlock; Saturn is full of passion and determination, and working together brought each of us to new artistic heights.”

'Young Forever'

Written by King Saturn and David Sylvester
Lyrics by King Saturn
Produced by David Sylvester
Vocal engineering by Bora Karaca at The Laboratory Audio, Los Angeles
Mixed and mastered by David Sylvester
Music video and cover photography by Kelly Nyland