Episode 22 - DJ Help

DJ Help takes over the entire show, with two mixes that each show a distinct side of her multi-faceted aesthetic.

The Seattle based producer has residencies at several events including MESH at Pony, Sex.wav at the Mercury, and Cathedral at various locations.

She’s also a producer, self-releasing music under the aliases DJ Bunnylip and DJ Nikea.

DJ Help has played with a ton of amazing performers including Juliana Huxtable, FurFriend, Demdike Stare, Vereker, Skander, Light Asylum, and more.

This first mix is the sound you might expect to hear in an underground techno club, and later in the show, we’ll have a second mix from DJ Help that pushes a much more diverse and electic sound, which DJ Help states she wants to hear more of in the PNW.