Episode 23 - Caley

Caley is one of the enigmatic figures behind ultrawizardsword.net. Ultrawizardsword has been livestreaming DJ sets since 2010, and their entire catalog is available for download on their website. Caley’s signature sound is deep, minimal, dubby, and totally hypnotic. Sink into this two hour mix and enjoy the music on Friends With Benefits.

Episode 22 - DJ Help

DJ Help takes over the entire show, with two mixes that each show a distinct side of her multi-faceted aesthetic.

The Seattle based producer has residencies at several events including MESH at Pony, Sex.wav at the Mercury, and Cathedral at various locations.

She’s also a producer, self-releasing music under the aliases DJ Bunnylip and DJ Nikea.

DJ Help has played with a ton of amazing performers including Juliana Huxtable, FurFriend, Demdike Stare, Vereker, Skander, Light Asylum, and more.

This first mix is the sound you might expect to hear in an underground techno club, and later in the show, we’ll have a second mix from DJ Help that pushes a much more diverse and electic sound, which DJ Help states she wants to hear more of in the PNW.

Episode 21 - Nathan Detroit & David Sylvester

Nathan Detroit is an active local DJ on the Portland Scene. He’s played with a slew of high profile DJs like The Black Madonna, Optimo, Morgan Geist, Avalon Emerson, Four Tet, Machinedrum, Roman Flugel, and many more. Nathan is a versatile DJ across the spectrum of house, techno, bass music, and dub. He co-hosts the "Night Drive" radio program on XRAY.FM holds down multiple residencies at Portland clubs. Nathan is constantly striving to bridge new relationships in the dance community and curate better nightlife for the City of Roses.

Episode 20 - Ginkgo & David Sylvester

00:00:00 - 01:06:45: Ginkgo's Cactus Mix

Ginkgo and Andy Warren co-founded Portland's excellent deep house party Believe You Me, which has been turning out ecstatic dancers, Burners, and old-school house heads alike.

Musically, Ginkgo's take on house music has many facets: melodic, tribal, psychedelic, uplifting, global. Sunrise sets are his specialty, where he aims to put a smile on every dancer’s face.

01:06:46 - End: David's Desert Quiet Storm Mix

Episode 19 - Redux

FWB Radio Episode 19 is a two hour mix lovingly crafted by Redux, from Chicago. Redux is the duo of CT and WYSER, who have been playing together since 2010. They host a bi-weekly radio show called Space Disco on Chicago’s WNUR 89.3FM, and they’ve played with the likes of James Murphy, Disclosure, Fred Falke, Treasure Fingers, Gorgon City, and The Magician. 

Episode 18 - Lily Ackerman & David Sylvester

Since Lily Ackerman started playing classical piano at age eight, music has been a part of her life. Electronic music came into her life in 2010, when she discovered the underground house and techno scene in San Francisco. After spending a year immersed in clubs and underground parties, she wanted to expand her involvement in the music scene and started producing in late 2011. She released two EPs on Mioli Music in 2013 and a remix on Friends with Benefits Records in 2014. Starting in 2015, Lily shifted gears from production to DJing and now plays vinyl sets in various locations around San Francisco. She is a co-founder of the Diacritic Collective, a tight-knit group of friends who share the same passion for music - making it, digging for it, and sharing it with others, especially vinyl. 

0:00:00 - 0:57:10: Lily Ackerman (Mioli Music, Diacritic Collective)

  1. Oskar Offermann - Into It [://aboutblank, 2014]
  2. Steinhoff & Hammouda - Tonight Will Be Fine [Smallville Records, 2008]
  3. DoubtingThomas - Sch'feld [Amam, 2015]
  4. Efdemin - Bergwein [Dial, 2007]
  5. Lawrence - Angels At Night (XDB Remix) [Dial, 2013]
  6. Kassem Mosse - Crown Gall [Mikrodisko Recordings, 2007]
  7. Levon Vincent - Launch Ramp to the Sky [Novel Sound, 2015]
  8. Carsten Jost - Elmenreich [Dial, 2000]
  9. Evigt Mörker - Kilsbergen [Evigt Mörker, 2013] 
  10. Nick Höppner - A Peck and a Pawn [Ostgut Ton, 2011]
  11. Pilas - Without You [Shaddock Records, 2011]
  12. Point G - Michel [Technique, 2015]

0:57:11 - end: David Sylvester

Episode 15 - Andy Warren & David Sylvester

First Hour: Andy Warren (Believe You Me, Panda Lounge, PDX)

Efdemin - Some Kind Of Up And Down Yes (Asusu Remix) - Dial 2014
Pier Bucci - Wayna Wasi - Maruca 2010
Moon - Valentine - Smallville 2011
Marquis Hawkes - Raw Materials - Houndstooth 2015
DJ Steaw - Origin (Stwrd Deepdubz) - Rutilance 2015
Mark E - Avion Central - Spectral Sound 2014
Omar Santis - Lulu’s Jam (Uncle Boogie Mix) - Karkul 2014
Dorisburg - Uncertainty - Northern Electronics 2014
Enzo Leep, Saul Nieto - Deleware - Rewire 2015
Lawrence - The Cave - Mule Musiq 2014
DJ Jus-ed & Move D - From Bridgeport to Heidelberg - Underground Quality 2015
Eduardo De La Calle - Together (Fallen Angel Edit) - Mule Musiq 2014

Second Hour: David Sylvester (FWB Records, Playground, Two Dudes in Love, PDX/SF)

Episode 13 - SPRKLBB & David Sylvester

This is an all-vinyl tag team set performed by host David Sylvester and SPRKLBB, the alias of Brooklyn based DJ, photographer, and voracious bottom Andy Egelhoff. He’s as infamous for challenging uptight sensibilities as he is for high-energy, all-vinyl DJ sets, which might include Chicago house, German techno, 90s acid, jungle, and choice cuts from Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo + Juliet soundtrack. He’s currently working with the Ostbahnhof crew and just played at Verboten in Brooklyn. Last year he created a series of bottom-themed dance parties, accompanied by a video series satirizing the top/bottom binary in gay sex and gay culture. As a documentary photographer, Andy’s work explores the underground music scenes in places like Paris, Berlin, Cairo, and New York. His next solo exhibition opens in February 2-16 at the Sky Bridge Gallery at Eugene Lang College.

Andy and David recorded this all-vinyl mix on December 23rd just after meeting for the first time, and they switch off every two tracks, starting with Andy. The vibe is fun, loose, and spontaneous as they play off each other's selections, often hearing each other's tracks for the first time.

Episode 12 - JAK & Subsensory Recordings Showcase

This episode begins with a 90 minute set by JAK, also known as Jack Coleman, the founder of Subsensory Recordings. This set is brimming with energy, juggling house, techno, acid and more. 

JAK is one of the most valuable players in the Portland techno scene, not just as a DJ and label head but also as a producer and promoter. His own productions have been gotten the remix treatment from the likes of Mark Broom, Audio Injection, and Bryan Zentz, and have gotten plays on radio programs like Carl Cox Global, John Digweed’s Transmissions, and the Time Warp podcast.

As a DJ, he’s played gigs in Japan, Detroit, LA, and other techno hotspots, sharing billings with  artists like Claude Young, Rødhåd, DVS1 and Truncate. 

The last 30 minutes of the show are dedicated to a Subsensory showcase, featuring several Portland-based techno artists, including JAK himself.

JAK DJ mix recorded at Undisclosed 2015: 0:00:00 - 1:30:29

Subsensory Recordings Showcase: 1:31:30 - end

  • Optimal Decay - Dscape
  • Seqwenzer - Sich Auswirken
  • Art of Hot - The Vision (JAK Remix)
  • Angel Alanis - Dusty (Spark Taberner Remix)
  • JAK - Backslash

Episode 11 - David Sylvester @ Backdoor

Featured song: "Fine On Your Own" by N.D.S.F.

BOTTOM FORTY 001 // N.D.S.F - Fine On Your Own
Available on Bandcamp: https://ndsf.bandcamp.com/
Genre: Techno, House, Acid, NuDisco

Bottom Forty’s first release perfectly represents the eclectic, adaptive aesthetic that the collective has proudly cultivated. N.D.S.F. is the serendipitous collaboration between Bottom Forty’s creator Nark, Friends With Benefits Records label honcho David Sylvester, and soon-to-be LA-based producer powerhouse Futurewife. Weaving samples of their favorite records into original songwriting, “Fine On Your Own” is a seemingly light-hearted house track that turns deep, with a pounding yet cosmic 303 that beats on your chest while the vocal samples keep your spirits high. By the end of the breakdown, the infectious melody of “Fine On Your Own” has worked it’s way into your head, and you’ll find yourself dancing to it all night long.

While the original track synthesizes each producer’s style, the accompanying remixes transform “Fine On Your Own” into each individual artist’s world of dance music. Nark’s remix brings “Fine On Your Own” into the dark, vibrating basements where industrial subtleties make their return into techno, whereas David Sylvester’s mix juxtaposes the acidic and atmospheric elements of the original, tying them together with dubbed out synth stabs, and finally Futurewife’s mix pulls "Fine On Your Own" into the climax of a party rocking set with its driving nu-disco vibe. 

Mix: David Sylvester at Backdoor in Vancouver BC at Vancouver Art & Leisure, recorded 1.1.16.

Episode 10 - Orographic

Tonight’s show is a 2 hour mix from Orographic. The Portland artist and DJ got his start in the dirty basements of illegal raves in New England. He’s now known for his involvement in Portland parties like Bridge Club, Queerlandia, and Spookitinis. He’s known to pepper his sets with the occasional custom edit, and he’s planning more original production for 2016. His style blurs the lines between serious, esoteric, funky, weird and aggressive, and it’s all on display in this awesome set. 

Track List:
Shuttle 358 - Logical
Raymond Scott - Bufferin: "Memories"
808 State - Pacific 212
Little Big Man - Love Is Real
Fouk - Kill Frenzy
Paul C & Paolo Martini - Deluxe
David Pher - Crazy Thoughts (Sable Sheep Remix)
Breach vs Homero - Grey Matter vs Videodrome (Orographic Edit)
Steve Huerta - Off the Plate (Huerta's Wash & Dry Mix)
Seven Davis Jr - Beautiful (Krystal Klear Remix)
Detroit Swindle - Alright (We'll Be)
Paul C & Paolo Martini - Magic Hill
Alexkid - Yemsa (Fabrizio Maurizi Remix)
Vin Sol - Voice Chip Activ8 (Matrixxman Remix)
Steffi - DB011
Mr. G - How Deep
Chicken Lips - Skin Bad
The Holy Ghost Inc. - Walk On Air (Sun & Moon Mix)
Russ Yallop - Hyrdo (Kydus Remix)
Bodhi - Howler
Dizzy Womack - Bang
Orbital - Remind
Scott Fraser - No Word Of Truth
Richie Hawtin - Freek'd DE9 Closer to the (r)edit
Light Year - Bliss (LY's Channel 6 Dub)
Radio Slave - Don't Stop No Sleep (Robert Hood Remix)
Frits Wentink - Dwayne Young
Selvy - The Trumpet
Discodromo - A Come Andromeda
Jimpster - Porchlight And Rocking Chair (KiNK Remix)
Steve 'Silk' Hurley - The Word Is Love (Silks Original Anthem Mix)

Episode 9 - Sappho & David Sylvester

"This mix was recorded live at the new monthly party called Playground, which happens every second Friday at Embers. The vibe at Playground is “House Music All Night Long,” so we chose music in homage to the legendary 90s club scene in New York. Sappho and I switch off every three songs; I picked a lot of classic house throwbacks, and Sappho kept things deep and sexy with her timeless track selections. Sappho and I will be DJing together again on New Year’s Day at a party in Vancouver B.C. called Backdoor." - David Sylvester

Episode 7 - Lady Fingers & David Sylvester

Lady Fingers' lifelong appreciation for deep house bleeds into her prolific productions, which have appeared on labels including the legendary Trax Records. She’s currently based out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where she’s founded the Pegasus party, and she’s working on new material for release in 2016.

Lady Fingers: 0:00:00 - 0:55:51

David Sylvester: 0:55:52 - end

Episode 6 - Vera Rubin & David Sylvester

Vera Rubin is a DJ, audiophile, visual artist, and writer. Her resident parties are Stranger Disco in Portland and Bananas in Seattle. She has worked with acts such as Hercules and Love Affair, Rye Rye, JD Samson, and Spinderella.

Vera Rubin: 0:00:00 - 0:56:16

Kid Machine - "Night Freaks (Dub)"
Starion - "Mothership (Deep Space Mix)"
C.A.R. - "Idle Eyes (Clara 3000 Remix)"
Barnt - "Geffen"
Boot & Tax - "Acido"
Alejandro Paz - "Duro"
Red Axes - "Caminho de Dreyfus (Rebolledo Remix) 
Pachanga Boys - "We Can Rhyme"
Christian S. - "The Power Of Now"
Vive la Fête - "Schwarzkopf (R-Kut Remix The Backlash)"
Superpitcher - "Rabbits In a Hurry"
Factory Floor - "Two Different Ways (Second Way)"
A Number Of Names - "Shari Vari (ADULT. Fembot Mix)"
Peter Richard - "Strange Desires (Extended Vocal)"
Yoko Ono - "Every Man & Every Woman"

David Sylvester: 0:56:17 - 2:03:52

Episode 5 - Jackal

Jackal is an up and coming DJ on the Portland queer scene. He’s been developing his bass-heavy, deep-house sound in venues ranging from intimate private basement parties to big-room nightclubs in Southeast, and it’s all on display in this two-hour mix. 

Angel Echoes (Simona Drive Edit) - Four Tet
Gossip (Original Mix)    - Shaedes
Solsidan (Avalon Emerson's Second System Mix) - HNNY
My Mind (Original Mix) - South Soul Project
Ride This Train (Icarus Basement Mix) - Icarus
What's A Girl To Do (Original Mix) - Fatima Yamaha
Sweet - Marquis Hawkes
I Don't Like That (Original Mix) - Frederique, Rob Me
Breathe (Jules & Moss Remix) - Telepopmusik
One More (Original Mix) - Sean Miller
Vandalia feat. Aidan Carroll (Original Mix)- John Camp
Sweat - Woz x Troy Gunner
Down Low- Lux Groove
Malaika (feat. Andyboi) (Original Mix) - Nikos Diamantopoulos, Andyboi    
A Billion Miles (Original Mix) - Sidney Charles
Missing You - Icarus    
Doing That (Original Mix) - Antonio Thagma
Take Me To My Love (PEDit) - Ralf GUM
In My Soul (Sacha Robotti Remix) - Riva Starr
Love is Found (The Martin Brothers Bootleg) - Sade
Threshold - Redlight's Fast Flamingo Remix) - Redlight
Visions (Original Mix) - Pysh
Not Listening (Original Mix) - Maya Jane Coles
What You Don't Do (Maribou State Remix) - Lianne La Havas
Crack El (Justin Martin's Stoopit Crunk-ill Hyphy Mix) - Worthy    
Need You Now (Original Mix) - Hot Chip
Love So Fleeting (Nick Monaco Remix) - Life on Planets
Raincoats - Maribou State
Seabird (PEDit) - Alessi Brothers


Episode 4 - La Fraicheur & David Sylvester

Hour 1: La Fraicheur

1. La Fraicheur - Confusion (Free download here: https://soundcloud.com/la-fraicheur/confusion)
2. Kevin Over - 2002
3. Tronik Youth - Losing my Mind (Rodion remix)
4. Sasse & Phonogenic - That Philosophy Track (Mihai Popovicu Remix)
5. Ross Evans - Tamarind
6. Re.You - I don't know, Baby
7. Maya Schenk - It's Over
8. Sebo K - Avalanche
9. German Brigante - Menos Latencia
10. Stelios Vassiloudis & Sasse - Options And Futures (Phonogenic Remix)
11. Ena Lind - Ferdinand

Hour 2: David Sylvester